Mafra, Portugal - Camp Gridiron

Mafra, Portugal - Camp Gridiron Mafra, Portugal - Camp Gridiron

Mission details

Mafra, Portugal - Camp Gridiron

Join International Sports Federation as we host our third American football camp in Mafra, Portugal. We will host up to 80 men, who are eager to learn American football, at the camp each day. These men play football in either Portugal or Spain. We will treat this week similar to spring practice in America. The players come to the fields in full pads ready to learn. First practice is 10 am - noon with another taking place 5- 7 pm. Friday night we have a draft to create two teams. On Saturday, the teams practice separately to prepare for a friendly game on Sunday. During the time between practices, we will offer football classes for players to learn more about offensive and defensive strategies. This is an amazing opportunity to use football to share the Gospel with the players.

Ground Cost Includes

1. Pre-project training
2. Food and lodging
3. In country transportation (taxi/bus)
4. Mission funds management
5. Administration and insurance

What to Expect

Our team will stay with the local players at Palavra da Vida - a summer camp. This will give us a tremendous opportunity to build relations with the men, create friendships, and have some amazing spiritual conversations. While at the camp, we will host a 3-on-3 basketball tournament and everyone's favorite - the belly flop contest! We also will also take some as a team to visit some beautiful sights in this spectacular country.

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