Cape Town-Underserved People (Green Acres BC)

Cape Town-Underserved People (Green Acres BC) Cape Town-Underserved People (Green Acres BC)

Mission details

Cape Town-Underserved People (Green Acres BC)

Cape Town, South Africa, is one of the world's most beautiful cities. Led by ISF Africa Directors, John and Sarah Fuller - the team will explore a wonderful variety of unique and powerful ministries across the Cape. Encouraging key leaders, serving the marginalized, feeding a great meal in township communities and see first hand the ministry of ISF and the Fullers. With a 10 hour stopover in London visiting a couple of great initiatives in the world's most influential city.

Ground Cost Includes

1. Pre-project training
2. Food and lodging (Evening meal own preference/budget)
3. In country transportation (taxi/bus)
4. Mission funds management
5. Administration and insurance

What to Expect

Additionally, the team will get to see the beauty of the Cape, ascend Table Mountain and visit the end of Africa at the Cape Point where two great oceans meet. An incredible time. Our desire is to spark a very special partnership between Green Acres and the city of Cape Town. Youth work, Education, Investment, Leadership, Healthcare, Music/Arts leaders etc are invited.


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