South Africa Impact 360 Mission 2024

South Africa Impact 360 Mission 2024 South Africa Impact 360 Mission 2024

Mission details

South Africa Impact 360 Mission 2024

This trip is a collaboration between ISF and the Impact 360 Institute, an international gap year program located in Pine Mountain, Georgia, USA. Each year the program sets off on an international mission-focused excursion that lasts three weeks. This year, in collaboration with ISF, the program will be serving Cape Town and various partners around the Cape Province, South Africa. The team will participate in five different exciting initiatives in unique townships serving marginalized people groups.

Ground Cost Includes

1. Pre-project training
2. Food and lodging
3. In country transportation (taxi/bus)
4. Mission funds management
5. Administration and insurance

What to Expect

The team will be mentored through remarkable mission context serving in numerous ways in the region. They will start with cultural immersion in the South African story and then be given specific training to serve alongside some remarkable partnership mission projects.


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