Romania-Multisport Camp

Romania-Multisport Camp Romania-Multisport Camp

Mission details

Romania-Multisport Camp

ISF is partnering with HOPE (Helping Oppressed People Everywhere) to conduct sports camps for children at Romanian schools and community centers, and for disadvantaged youth in Bucharest and other selected cities. HOPE has worked extensively with Romani (known locally as Roma) families and orphans in Eastern Europe. Volunteers are needed who have a heart for youth, are looking for an opportunity to share Christ, and have experience playing or coaching a specific sport.

Ground Cost Includes

1. Pre-project training
2. Food and lodging
3. In country transportation (taxi/bus)
4. Mission funds management
5. Administration and insurance

What to Expect

Experience Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, and learn about the city's rich history. Lodging will consist of team housing in Bucharest near a Christian school for Roma children, and will serve as our home base in the country. The team will travel to outlying cities to conduct similar camps, and view the beautiful Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania.


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