Lisbon-American Football

Lisbon-American Football Lisbon-American Football

Mission details

Lisbon-American Football

Portugal is an amazing country with wonderful people who love their version of Football. We have the great privilege of hosting an American Football camp with Pastor Rui Ribeiro with Alta Crista Church. This will be our third time to hosting the camp here. This year we will also be partnering with the local flag football organization. This will add a new demision to the camp as we well be instruction players familiar with the game.

Ground Cost Includes

1. Air fare
2. Accommodation
3. Transfers
4. Mission management
5. Administration

What to Expect

We are looking for former high school and college level coaches/players as well as non-football volunteers to help with a variety of task during the camp. We will work on the basic fundamentals of football throught the camp. at the end of the camp we will host a flag football tournament.


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