Cordoba, Argentina - Camp Gridiron

Cordoba, Argentina - Camp Gridiron Cordoba, Argentina - Camp Gridiron

Mission details

Cordoba, Argentina - Camp Gridiron

Argentina is a country crazy about its soccer, but interest in American football is building! Our ISF team has the opportunity to coach men who are learning to play the game, and our ministry partner is using the sport to build relationships with these players to ultimately share the love of Christ. He has asked us to return to continue what we started last year. Our coaches and players will come alongside of him to go deeper with football techniques and skills. Unfortunately, most of these players learn from YouTube videos. As our coaches began working with them, Coach Brad said, "I could see the lightbulb come on as we coached them." A member from our team will share their testimony at the halfway point of each practice. Last year one of the players went to Coach Bob and said, "Thank you for coaching us, but after hearing your testimony, I need to look into what a relationship with God looks like." Our goal is to help our ministry partner, and you can do so by using your gift of coaching to share the light of Christ with these football players.

Ground Cost Includes

1. Pre-project training
2. Food and lodging
3. In country transportation (taxi/bus)
4. Mission funds management
5. Administration and insurance

What to Expect

The city of Cordoba is amazing. Our hotel is only a short walk to Starbucks and many great restaurants. Each morning we meet at a local coffee and pastry shop for breakfast and Bible study. Camp runs 6 - 8 pm, Wednesday - Friday, and in the afternoon on Saturday. After each practice we will have a catered meal with the players. This is when we really get to build relationships with the players. Last year, many gospel conversations happened after practice as we hung out and had dinner together. It was not unusual to get back to the hotel until around midnight. Mornings and afternoons will be spent relaxing or doing some sightseeing. American football is rapidly growing in popularity here. Bring your football knowledge and use the athletic gifts God has given you to teach the game and build strong relationships with the Cordoba football community.


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